What to Wear in New York in Winter - The Globetrotting Teacher (2023)

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Are you wondering what to wear in New York in Winter? You’re right to be thinking carefully about your New York winter clothing. It really is the difference between having a great trip or feeling as if you’ll never recover from the frozen chill in the air!

In this guide, you’ll see what to wear in New York in December, January, February, and all winter long.

What to Wear in New York in Winter

How can you walk around outside during the winter when it’s so cold or when it’s snowing?!It’s what my non-New York family and friends always ask when the thermometer dips below those comfy fall temperatures.

The answer is simple whether you’re a local like me or visiting toexperienceChristmas in New York. How to dress like a New Yorker in winter is all about the right layers and winter gear.

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The biggest mistake NYC visitors make isthinking it’s ok to dress the same as at home where many people run from their warm house to a warmed-up car to a heated indoor place, be it work, school, or a shopping mall.

What to wear in New York in January and throughout the winter is all about blending high-performance against the cold for the chicest New York winter fashion!

Aside from the specific clothing recommendations listed below, what to wear in NYC in winter depends on the weather. Seems obvious, I know. But, will the days of your NYC itinerary be 48° F and sunny or 15° F with windy snow showers?

The bottom line is the weather forecast matters more than the month on the calendar no matter when you visit New York City.

Winter New York Packing List

Base Layers:

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When the weather is frigid, New York winter outfits need a base layer. Thetic-tac-toe layout of the streets creates wind tunnels that cut through even the coziest of sweaters.

Your what to pack for New York list should also take into account your own personal tolerance to the cold. So, if you’re sensitive to it, it’s better to be prepared with the right NYC winter clothes than let the chilly air leave you unable to enjoy all New York City has to offer.

  • Thermalscan stop a chilly wind from getting to your skin. Even anOmni-heat topis better than just a basic long-sleeved tee when it comes to insulating yourself. Not to mention, they’re meant to lie flat so as not to add extra bulk under your clothes.
  • Fleece-lined tightsare perfect for those winter nights when you wear a skirt or dress. I’ve even worn them under jeans.

ProTip:Sierra Trading Postis a great way to find winter base layers for less. They specialize in closeout deals for many popular brands so it can be hit or miss. But, it’s where I’ve found some of my favorite winter base layers over the years.

New York Winter Outfits:

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For daytime sightseeing and walking, jeans (maybe with a base layer depending on the temperature) andfleece-lined leggingswork well.

Think darker jeans like black, gray, or even a color like olive green, plum, or navy over lighter colors or anything in the tan/khaki family.

New York City is really good about removing snow from sidewalks. But, NYC always comes with a level of dirt that’s only magnified with all the sand and slush of winter. Lighter color bottoms will show anything and everything that splatters onto your legs as you walk.

You also want to make sure you havewarm sweatersandfleeceswith layers underneath. That thin off-the-shoulder sweater might be perfect back home, but it just won’t cut it walking around NYC for hours in the cold.

  • Myfavorite fleeceis great as a fall and spring jacket and a perfect layer under a winter jacket, if need be.
  • Longer sweatershelp keep your legs toasty. And, becausethese sweaterscan beworn with both jeans and leggings, they are versatile and handy for packing fewer things.
  • Another thing to keep in mind as you think about packing for New York is that many places (museums, restaurants, shops) are overheated. For this reason,cardigan sweatersand otheropen-style sweatersmake it easy to adjust your layers if you’re too warm inside.

Boots for a New York Winter:

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What shoes to wear in New York for winter could be the most important item on your NYC packing list.New York winter shoes are warm, waterproof, and walkable with a good grip.

If it’s snowed and the temperature has gone back and forth from below and above the freezing mark, there will be slushy puddles off the curb of most sidewalks and surprise patches of ice.

In these cases, NYC snow boots with sturdy gripping soles can make all the difference between staying on your feet and not.

Not to mention, if it does snow while you’re in NYC, you don’t want to miss walking through Central Park!

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Keep in mind though, shoes for NYC in winter aren’t always clunky snow boots. After all, they can be heavy to walk around in especially if you’re not used to doing that.

It’s important tocheck the weatherfor your trip and know that most snowfalls melt quickly on the warm city streets and/or is cleaned fairly quickly, especially in touristy areas. The best boots for a New York winter day depend on the temperature and precipitation.

ProTip: When checking the weather for your trip, look at the weather NYC has had just before your visit. If it’s been rainy or snowy, it’s fair to imagine the sidewalks and street crossings could be slushy or icy.

  • I walk around inthese bootsorthese bootsfor much of the winter in New York. They’re both great for cold and wintry city conditions like snow, slushy puddles, and ice. These Columbia boots are also warriors in super wintry conditions.
  • Other best shoes that I’ve loved to pair with my NYC winter outfits arethese Sperry’s and more recently these Sorel’s. Both are known for their comfort and weather toughness and will keep your feet dry whether you’re dealing with a cold rain or happen to step in a slush puddle.
  • Sneakers aren’t warm enough for full days out and about in the New York City winter. Not to mention, they won’t keep your feet dry in the rain, sleet, and snow. But, I love these cozy shoes orthese stylish winter shoesas a nice compromise, especially if you have sunny and crisp winter days in NYC.
  • Tall, riding-style bootswith low or flat heels are a great way to look more dressed up and add another layer of warmth and protection for your legs. These types of boots, though, tend not to be waterproof so it’s a good idea to add a waterproofing treatment before walking around NYC in the winter.

To simplify, the best footwear for New York in December is likely to be a warm, waterproof, walkable shoe like these or these with a cozy merino wool pair of socks. Of course, the weather is hard to predict, but most of the snow that typically falls in NYC and the city’s coldest temperatures happen after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Best Winter Coats for NYC:

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When thinking about how to dress in New York for the winter, the coat you choose can make a huge differencein managing the cold and not. And of course, cute winter jackets that combine performance and go with your look are preferable!

Many New Yorkers wear longer coats versus a winter jacket that stops at the waist. A jacket must have wind protection, as well as the ability to keep you warm and dry.

While I do have and love my longer pea coat, I wear my hooded, insulated winter coat much more often.

  • Columbia Jacketsand winter gear are some of my favorite everyday and travel wear. Their Omni-heat technology is great for keeping you warm and keeping down the bulk of a typical puffer-style coat. You can even findhigh-performance coatsfor those non-frigid days that’ll be lighter-weight but still great on cold days with the right layers underneath.
  • ThisNorth Face jacketcan handle it all, rain, snow, sleet, and wind. You’ll be cozy and smiling in all of your NYC photos! Not to mention with 5 pockets, there’s plenty of space to hold your phone and other essentials.
  • And remember jackets for a New York winter don’t sacrifice fashion for function, either. Thesebestselling winter coatscan be a great way to compare styles and have you looking your best.
  • And if you’re trying to save space and wondering how to pack winter coats (because let’s face it, winter clothes are so bulky!), this super warm coat packs into its own pocket. I have a shorter version of this coat for traveling and it’s one of the best investments I’ve made.

Winter Outerwear for New York City:

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And, of course, your New York essentials have to include something to protect your ears, hands, neck, and face. NoNew York winter packing list would be complete with them!

  • Don’t be one of those NYC visitors with bright red ears shivering while trying to enjoy the holiday department store windows or the Rockefeller tree.Wear a hatlike thisorlike thator afleece ear band, whichever you like most. But, make sure you’re ears and head are warm.
  • Pockets are good.But, gloves and mittensare even better when you’re holding a warm cup of hot chocolate at one of the holiday markets or ice skating in Central Park.
  • Scarvesblock the chill from getting to your neck and into your winter coat and are super helpful when the wind blows and you need to cover your face. I don’t go a single day in the winter without wearing a scarf!

New York City sparkles in winter, especially during the December holiday season. Luckily, your New York winter style can be just as radiant while still keeping you warm!

Avoid making one of the biggest NYC Christmas and winter season mistakes by not dressing warm and comfortable enough for the weather.

Dressing for New York in winter may take a little bit of planning but comes with the upside of an unforgettable trip!

So, what’s on your NYC winter travel packing list?

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